Welcome to Let’s Go Fishing Itasca

Our team is proud to be a part of such a worthwhile organization.

Itasca County is “The Land of 1000 Grand Lakes”. With over 1000 lakes within our borders it’s easy to see how being on the water has been a big part of our lives. For our seniors who are no longer able to enjoy the lakes due to a wide variety of reasons, Lets Go Fishing offers our seniors a true enrichment to their lives.It has been a wonderful experience. We have met so many wonderful people and the positive response from the community has been outstanding.

Formed in 2007 and seeing the  affiliate  grow over the past 15 years has made a impact in so many lives.  Being able to bring this program to Itasca County has had a positive effect on our community. It shows how communities working together with non-profits can make such a difference in so many lives. Bring people together for a common cause and seeing the smiles on people who use this service is beyond words. These past years have been such a great experience and we have enjoyed working with and being a part of this wonderful organization.

Let’s Go Fishing Itasca runs May thru September using May for the school programs. Our affiliate runs Monday thru Saturday, Sunday is for organizations or groups who have their own captain and 1st mate. We run morning and afternoon, and at this time scheduling 2 trips a day, if you wish to schedule an outing outside of those times you will have to call us to see if it is available. We have a fun loving and great staff who enjoy working with all the participants and they need only to bring smiles and they will need plenty of them.